London born Belinda’s childhood home was close to Kew Gardens and her interest in botanical art is hardly surprising, as the gardens were her playground and its wonderful botanical art her inspiration. She travelled widely in the Far East, lived in Japan for a number of years and the celebration of individual flowers, plants, animals and insects in her work clearly shows an Eastern influence.

Belinda trained as a Botanical Artist and completed the UK Society of Botanical Artists Diploma Course and is also a member of the recently formed Irish Society of Botanical Artists. Belinda moved to Ireland in 2001 where she lives with her husband, two daughters (and three dogs!) and the often overlooked flora and fauna of the beautiful land and seascapes that surround her  home in the picturesque fishing village of Ballycotton in Co. Cork provides much of her inspiration.

From her studio in the Shanagarry Design Centre nearby she produces a range of striking botanical prints, a new children’s collection and a contemporary series of charming illustrations.  Combining urban chic with the natural patterns and designs of nature, her recently introduced  “Collector’s Edition” range of silk scarves is a natural fashion extension of her brand.

Although surrounded by dramatic vistas and the rolling Atlantic ocean, Belinda has always preferred to focus on individual details rather than expansive landscapes, and it is this attention to detail that makes her work stand out.

By carefully selecting individual flowers and insects that many of us would overlook, she finds something magical in the everyday.

Her liberal use of colour and meticulous combination of art and science have resulted in pieces that are both beautiful and informative. Though firmly rooted in the local environment, many of the flowers and insects in her paintings can be found throughout Ireland and the UK, making her work representative of much of this captivating part of the world.